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Enterprise Systems Journal (ESJ.com) offers the latest industry news, commentary, and analyst and user perspective on enterprise system, security, and storage trends and technologies. From getting the most out of systems and integrating with public cloud services, to preparing for security breaches and implementing disaster recovery solutions, ESJ.com provides the information and insight readers need to cost-effectively manage their IT resources.

Editorial Mission

Enterprise Systems Journal (ESJ.com) provides real-world business and technology information for managers of large, high-volume-transaction, high-availability, high-performance computer systems and infrastructures.

ESJ Platforms

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Audience Profile Source: ESJ.com Reader Survey, May 2016

64% of readers are responsible for designing, implementing and/or managing their company’s datacenter operations

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Banner Advertising

Select from standard IAB banners or high-impact banners, which offer the highest visibility and click-through rates.


Deliver your message to IT managers and professionals alongside the latest news, products, tips and more.


Similar to the Standard eNewsletters, Special Editions are single-sponsored eNewsletters that drop on off-newsletter days.


Single-sponsored eNewsletters include custom content around your company’s technology set (such as Storage, Disaster Recovery, VMware, and so on.) from ESJ.com’s editorial team. Dropped on off-newsletters days.

Reader Engagement
Lead Generation

Standard White Paper Syndication

Promote your white papers or case studies on ESJ.com and gather high‐quality leads from engaged readers. ESJ.com’s registration system requires readers to submit full demographics before they download a resource.

Custom White Paper Content Development

ESJ.com’s editorial team will create a 4- to 5-page white paper on the topic of your choice. The white paper will be posted in the Tech Library – a resource for quality, knowledge-based content – for lead generation.

Market Research

Combining market data and lead generation, Market Research includes a custom online survey and report with a guaranteed minimum 250 respondents (contact information available for an additional cost).


You present your message through a live, 1-hour interactive presentation. Sponsorship includes full production and promotion of the webcast with lead generation. You provide the speaker and we do the rest!

Custom Webcasts

Our standard webcast production, promotion and lead generation package with the added bonus of an industry expert speaker to moderate and present.

Editorial Webcasts

Our editorial webcasts are interview-style live events between ESJ.com’s editors and an industry analyst or expert on a particular topic (for example, Software‐Defined Networking, Storage, High Availability/Disaster Recovery, and so on). As the event sponsor, you will receive all the leads garnered from this high-visibility event.

Digital Dialogue

Extend the life and reach of your webcast with a Digital Dialogue, a 2-page branded content piece written and designed by the ESJ.com editorial and design team. A Digital Dialogue captures highlights of your webcast and is posted in the ESJ.com Tech Library for lead generation. You receive the final Digital Dialogue PDF, which can be used as a valuable marketing asset.

Fireside Chat Program

The Fireside Chat program is designed to bring a solutions-based interview experience for the audience on a specific technology. The program includes a vendor executive interview (webcast) followed up with a solutions brief PDF (white paper format) summary of the solutions from the live event.

Thought Leadership Engagement Program

This custom content program includes 2 white papers (5 pages each) on a related topic – one speaking to the upper echelon of management and the other to the implementation team. Led by an industry expert, these are followed up with a live 1-hour webcast based on the papers’ findings.

Topic-Driven Content PDF Program

This PDF features 3-4 editorial pieces from ESJ.com, compiled together into a downloadable PDF located in the Tech Library. Sponsors may include 1 or 2 full-page ads within the document.