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Visual Studio Magazine’s experts provide timely and practical insight for the builders and architects of solutions that have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. The content teaches software developers how to create applications with Visual Studio better, faster and more easily.

Editorial Mission

Visual Studio Magazine offers expert and practical advice and insights for developers using Microsoft’s programming suite to build applications that run on a variety of platforms – desktop, tablets, mobile and embedded – for a mobile-first, cloud-first computing world.

Visual Studio Magazine Platforms

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Audience Profile *Source: Reader Survey, November 2016

81% of readers have 6+ years of development experience
80% of readers are involved in purchasing decisions
76% of readers are actively involved in day-to-day development



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Exclusive sponsorship of a special edition .NET Insight eNewsletter, focusing on .NET-specific topics.

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Sponsor an exclusive custom eNewsletter on the editorial topic of your choice that drops on an off-newsletter day.

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Custom White Papers

Single-topic technology guides written by an industry expert and designed by the Visual Studio Magazine creative team.

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Visual Studio Magazine will provide an editor to interview a customer of your choice and will manage the copy and design process to create the PDF.

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The Fireside Chat program is designed to bring a solutions-based interview experience to the audience on a specific product or technology. The program includes a vendor executive interview on a specific product/solution, followed up with a PDF (white paper format) summary of the product solutions from the event for lead generation.

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A 1-2 page report that includes in-depth information and insights that inform IT professionals on factors impacting their purchasing decisions.


A special content series that highlights emerging and proven game-changing technologies and solutions that are instrumental in delivering on organizations’ IT challenges and priorities.